• Minato Herzliya

Minato Herzliya

Minato is a Japanese restaurant combining several dining experiences, like sushi and Izakaya. Izakaya is a Japanese bar serving a meal consisting of small dishes accompanied by quality alcohol. We invite you to join us for a local Japanese experience.


Ha’menofim 8 Herzliya Pituah | Tel. 09-7731703

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  • Minato Caesarea

Minato Caesarea

A fine and stylish Japanese bar, with an open kitchen which allows the guests to observe the preparation of the food. The dishes are meticulously made, in keeping with traditional cooking and serving practices in Japan. The menu is rich and diverse, featuring sushi, salads, soups and other cold and warm dishes.


Paz, Gas Station, Caesarea, inside Agenda Cafe | Tel. 04-6360812

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  • Hosting


Minato will be happy to share your most joyful moments with you by providing a wide range of dining and hosting solutions.


We have a large selection of dishes, like sushi rolls and other classical dishes from traditional Japanese cuisine, made with the best and freshest ingredients.

Our diverse menus suit ant type of event: dinner party at home, company events, weddings and other celebrations, catering to any need and demand. Please contact us, and we'll put together the perfect event for you.

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  • Meet our Chef

Meet our Chef

Akki Tamora is a fourth generation sushi man, from Minato (”port" in Japanese), one of the 23 districts which make up the heart of Tokyo, capital of Japan. His family restaurant is located there, passed from generation to generation, preserving traditional methods for over 90 years.


Akki-San first started out in the kitchen at age 12, doing menial labour under his parents’ guidance, before he was trained in cooking and serving food. Even after 30 years in Israel, he remains loyal to the traditional methods he learned over many years of training, as is custom in the meticulous Japanese culture.


Akki-San is in charge of all our menus, both in our restaurants and in our catering, bridging between Japanese flavors and Israeli tastes. You'll see him behind the bar every evening making your favorite special dishes.